20th Century Fox “The Kid Who Would Be King”

Music Video

We teamed up with 20th Century Fox and up-and-coming artist Lay Lay to create a custom music video inspired by the movie.

We worked closely with the movie studio to develop and produce a branded music video with a custom song performed by 11 year old rapper Alaya High (aka That Girl Lay Lay). In less than a week, we pulled together a concept, location, school bus, kid dancers, and custom choreography. As a fun easter egg for fans, the film’s director Joe Cornish had us include a copy of the King Arthur book which appears in “The Kid Who Would Be King” to create an even stronger connection to the movie.

In record-setting fashion, our post team delivered the edits in a matter of days so the studio could release the content ahead of the film’s opening weekend. A :60 version of the music video garnered almost 300k views on Instagram, and the full-length version got nearly 2M views on YouTube and Facebook in just a few days.


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