Tiny IHOP + A&E

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Branded Series

We partnered with A&E and their long-running hit series Tiny House Nation to create the first-ever, fully-functional Tiny IHOP.

The Tiny IHOP is the first restaurant project ever constructed by “Tiny House Nation” hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin and a first-of-its-kind branded build for A&E Network. Our team oversaw the entire design and construction process to fit a working commercial kitchen and dining space within 170 square-feet of tiny home. We maximized every inch of the interior with pancake-inspired decor and design elements from IHOP, including hidden storage compartments and extra seating for customers. We even made custom tiny menus with the Tiny IHOP’s special food offerings.

In this short-form branded series, we took viewers on a bite-sized journey through the inspiration, design, build, and reveal over 3 x :60 vignettes following the format of the show, which aired in commercial time between segments of Tiny House Nation during A&E’s Home.Made programming block.

“Our friends at A&E’s ‘Tiny House Nation’ outdid themselves on this project, creating the world’s first International Tiny House of Pancakes – blue roof and all – so that we can offer an intimate dining experience to a select group of our super fans,” said Brad Haley, Chief Marketing Officer. “Turning a 4,000-plus square foot restaurant into a 170 square foot space certainly poses its own set of challenges, but the team came up with an ingenious design to retain the integrity of a full-sized IHOP while adding new, fun elements for guests to discover in the Tiny IHOP.”

The partnership was a huge success for IHOP, who got a branded content franchise aligned perfectly with the viewers of THN, and a miniature, Instagram-worthy replica of their iconic restaurant, ready to hit the road as a unique experiential activation for consumers… and a special sweepstakes on Yelp offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience: a reservation-only dinner series in Los Angeles featuring a one-of-a-kind menu in the world’s tiniest IHOP restaurant.

“Tapping A&E’s enthusiastic audience and expert talent, this three-part approach to storytelling gives IHOP’s biggest fans a chance to engage with the brand in a truly authentic — and delicious — way,” said David DeSocio, Executive Vice President, Ad Sales Partnerships, A&E Networks. “It’s a unique on-air and experiential collaboration that brings the best of both brands to the table.”


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
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