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Unstoppable integrations aren’t born, they’re created. And adjusted. And juggled between six different clients. And delivered flawlessly. We brought the unique teams of experts and talent on Discovery Networks together with a breed they’ve never seen before… the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

If BARK BARK had one superpower, it’d be infallible flexibility to bend and readjust no matter what’s thrown our way. With an extremely tight schedule, revolving door of assets, and complex approvals process, we worked in concert with SIX networks to bring this cross-net vision to life, each with their own unique brand and voice (Discovery, Discovery Espanol, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, and Science Channel). Our innovative week-long Turtle Takeover was crafted from an initial pitch that united all networks to the final product, which included custom tune-ins, vignettes and IPMs made from six different graphics packages (lower thirds, endpages, logo treatments, brand identity) to get viewers excited about the movie’s release and new episodes of their favorite Discovery shows. These spots culminated in a week of special looks at the film, featuring our custom graphics package that gave audiences an overview of the Turtle Takeover week – pairing colors of the networks with the iconic colors of the Turtles, along with “Turtle-ized” versions of every network’s logo.

We balanced the individual voice of each network with the overall message of the campaign by drawing comparisons between their unstoppable teams and the reptilian family of nunchuck-twirling, sewer-dwelling crime fighters. In a short timeframe, we delivered on a high-concept that we’re truly proud of, and we did it with our own unique family of creatives. Booyakasha!


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