PARAMOUNT “Top Five” + Bravo

Custom Vignette

When it comes to tips on how to survive a celebrity televised wedding, we turn to the Real Housewives of Atlanta for the answers.

Top 5 Ways We Rocked this Spot

#1 We’ve done a ton of movie integrations for Bravo, so when they approached us about Top Five – the first film to prominently feature their network as a part of the storyline – we came up with a fun way to blend the worlds together and prepare Gabrielle Union’s character for her Real Housewives world debut.

#2 Our time was limited with RHATL’s Kenya Moore, whose schedule was especially busy after Season 7 became the most-watched premiere in network history. Yet, with a creative solve to film her in a limo to cut down on both location needs and time constraints, we got so many juicy tips about being a reality diva that it was tough picking only five for the spot.

#3 Shooting in a moving car creates all sorts of fun lighting and audio challenges. Fortunately, we’ve had plenty of experience riding in limousines with Real Housewives to know all the dos and don’ts.

#4 We created this entirely custom :60 integration with only a week’s notice before the shoot day, which we piggybacked onto the same day with another Bravo shoot to create maximum efficiencies for our client.

#5 We worked with both Bravo and the movie studio to achieve the specific talk-back they were looking for with the spot. Everyone was happy and we won the internet. At least on


DIRECTOR:  Janlataé Mullins
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