True Value + FYI

Custom Vignette



We rolled up our sleeves, got our hands dirty and went back to our roots to celebrate springtime with an innovative stop-motion integration.

FYI Network and True Value wanted to create a custom vignette to get viewers excited about getting out in their gardens. We ran with FYI’s organic network branding and on-air look, using their tabletop environment as the template for showing off the lawn care expertise of True Value. Because we’re a little crazy, we suggested shooting a timelapse of actual grass growing into a practical FYI logo, surrounded by True Value products. Without much precedent before us, we took out our green thumbs to research the optimal grass for fast, full growth, did a quick test run and then had one real shot at perfection – sprouting our vision to life!

We built a custom camera rig in the Bark Bark Studios/basement to capture all the progress of the tabletop setup from two angles – directly overhead and from the side, leaving our grow lights on 24/7 for almost a week. Once the seeds went in the ground, we dedicated ourselves to watching our baby grow. 1000s of photos later, we compiled the finished product with a little bit of After Effects magic and treated it with custom graphics. The sound design and color correction completed the outdoors/spring feel of this homegrown integration.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
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