Turtle Wax + BBC America

"Max Power"

"Joy Ride"


We headed out into the desert to do some soul-searching and see just how far we could push the limits of a classic ‘68 Camaro.

In 2015, BBC America partnered with us to create a high-speed, adrenaline-pumping vignette that appealed to their massive car fanatic fan base for Turtle Wax. We learned that finding a green ‘68 Camaro doesn’t come easy, even in LA, but we managed to secure the picture car that Turtle Wax featured in a previous commercial, giving attentive viewers a little gem to connect their 2015 campaign. We then let our two professional stunt drivers loose at a private airport in Inyokern, California with one goal: get the car as dirty as possible. They were more than willing to oblige, employing an arsenal of donuts, drifts, and fishtailing that would make Vin Diesel proud, as our Russian Arm camera car followed closely behind.

While we were out kicking up dust, we made the most of our desert oasis location, converting the airport’s firehouse into a full-fledged Auto Detailing shop to get the car spick and span. Did we mention we were shooting on an active airstrip? Between dodging planes that were landing and bringing our crew outside the studio zone, we managed to make the most out of our shoot day from sun-up to sun-down.

In 2016, Turtle Wax returned with a new product they wanted to feature while utilizing the great driving B-roll from our original custom vignette. For M.A.X.-Power Car Wash, we used a small Atlanta-based crew and found a matching green ’68 Camaro to shoot tight pick-up shots that intercut with footage of the original car.

Turtle Wax fell in love with our new spot, and apparently so did social media! Within the first few days, the post went viral on Facebook amassing nearly half a million views – providing incredible traffic and exposure for the brand.


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