UPtv’s “GilMore the Merrier” 2016

Director's Cut #1

Director's Cut #2

We created a custom promo package with UPtv to prepare fans of Stars Hollow for the ultimate Gilmore Girls marathon.

To get viewers ready for the long-awaited revival of Gilmore Girls, UPtv reunited them with a massive binge-a-thon featuring 153 straight hours of the show. We worked together to create a humorous series of vignettes hosted by Sean Gunn reprising his role as Kirk, including plenty of classic Gilmore Girls references and props that die-hard fans will love.

We were strategic in scripting and shooting the content so that UPtv could maximize the footage by cutting multiple combinations of the tips. The results speak for themselves – the first four days of the stunt set record ratings on UPtv, including the best Monday in the history of the network for several demos, and it was viewed and shared over a million times online. We’re still recovering from watching the marathon ourselves, which included plenty of coffee and good time-management.


DIRECTOR: Janlataé Mullins
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