DISNEY “Zootopia” + Bravo


Custom Vignette A

Custom Vignette B

We got a little wild with Bravo and Disney’s Zootopia, creating an original branded spinoff – The Real Houseanimals of Zootopia.

Our latest Bravo movie integration introduced viewers to the characters of Disney’s Zootopia like they’ve never been seen be-FUR, with a custom treatment that successfully blended the world of the film with Bravo’s signature series, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The campaign kicked off with a custom tune-in leading up to the stunt night, teasing scenes from new Season 6 episodes of RHBH and clips of Zootopia to draw tongue-in-cheek comparisons between the two properties and their over-the-top personalities. We then created an original “Real Houseanimals of Zootopia” parody that aired during a new episode of RHBH with its very own custom show open, painstakingly recreated from the show music and graphics style using the movie’s most housewife-y characters.

This required a little rotoscope work from our GFX team to composite the movie characters into the RHBH graphic environment and fully deliver on the homage down to the last lower third. Disney loved the first “mini episode” so much, they asked for another, rounding out the campaign with 2 original vignettes during the stunt night.


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