Jeremiah Kulani Prescott has worn many metaphorical hats in his life, but few real hats…they make his head itchy. Always a film buff and keen critical consumer of story, he spent years and years trying on many more hats that didn’t quite fit: Music Major, Philosophy Major, Roustabout, Drum ‘N Bass DJ, Delivery Driver, Music Major (Again), and Pizza Store Manager. In 2003, he caught the storytelling bug and decided to forsake hats altogether to become a filmmaker.

After earning a Recording Arts degree in 2004, he co-founded a production company where he wrote, directed, and edited numerous commercials and short films throughout the southeast region. He has been active in the Atlanta film community ever since; serving on the board of a film collective, sound designing independent feature films and stage shows, mixing TV shows and web series…really just taking any opportunity to tell stories through sound. He’s very excited to bring his talents and experience to BARK BARK as Audio Producer.

Three of his favorite things are over-hyphenization, neologisms…and ellipses. He will wear the occasional hat when it is entirely necessary to stay warm or keep the sun off his face…or when he’s too lazy to do something to his hair while making a quick run to the store in his sweatpants.