After a few years at BARK BARK, Keachia (pronounced kee-sha) has grown into a Swiss Army Knife of sorts. Design, tracking, compositing, you name it. She can handle anything you throw her way… except candy. That’s her one weakness.

Keachia graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Motion Media Design. Before landing this gig, she put in brief appearances at Artifact Design and Razorfish Atlanta as an intern and freelance artist.

Born and raised in the UK and the West Indies, Keachia has a delightful mish-mosh of an accent, and an equal love for both Ribena and Mauby. Now happily transplanted to Atlanta, she is quite content to call this wonderful city her home away from home, and add Sweet Tea to that list of favourite beverages.

Keachia enjoys reading and impromptu dance parties, and in a perfect world she would spend all day napping on the beach. When she isn’t working diligently at her desk, she’s always open to some adrenaline-pumping adventures, in fact, a little skydiving is long overdue!