GoDaddy + CNBC Prime

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We went to Hawaii to find out how one inventor is making waves with his revolutionary board.

For the upcoming season of “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” on CNBC Prime, we created a custom integration with GoDaddy featuring an inventor from the show and his innovative product. To capture the most authentic content with Yancey Meyer and his WaveSkate board, we traveled to the island of Maui to shoot him in his element and take advantage of the beautiful cinematic backdrops in his hometown.

On one shoot day, we filmed doc-style in multiple places across the island to showcase the real locations where Yancey builds prototypes, puts his board to the test, and checks out his new GoDaddy-designed website, providing natural opportunities to highlight the sponsor throughout the campaign.

We came prepared with our trusty bag of tricks, using plenty of well-placed GoPros to go with our primary Amira, along with a “360” rig we designed and built to get a never-before-captured perspective of the WaveSkate in action, rotating full circle around Yancey as he surfs a wave. And for another added bonus, our director ventured to the top of a dormant volcano to roll on an epic sunrise over this tropical paradise and make sure no rock was left unfilmed.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
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