Sea-Doo + Nat Geo
“Powered By Water”

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We partnered with National Geographic CreativeWorks and Sea-Doo to create a custom campaign, including an original brand film following National Geographic Explorer and researcher, Rosa Vásquez Espinoza, as she and her team took a deep dive into the origins of life on Earth and what we can do to preserve it.

The partnership delivered on the brand’s objective to uniquely position their newly-launched watercraft in an unexpected way and showcase the adventure of riding a Sea-Doo. With the help of her Explorer Pro, Rosa traversed hard-to-reach locations on Lake Huron to collect water samples as part of a global research project studying a rare type of cyanobacteria that’s believed to have played a pivotal role in the formation of our planet’s atmosphere.

Custom Promos and Stories premiered across National Geographic’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels to drive engagement with a branded article on Nat Geo’s website, “Diving for Microbial Time Capsules of Ancient Earth,” where audiences could read the full story and watch the film.

As a result of the collaboration, scientists are one step closer to understanding the chemical makeup of purple cyanobacteria as well as the implications these organisms have on the ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the project is to determine if these cyanobacteria are toxic, or if they could unlock new discoveries in medicine or have beneficial effects on our environment.


DIRECTOR: Julia Ngeow
SHOOT LOCATION: Alpena, Michigan
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