TBS Brand ID “Paintball”

Custom Vignette




We hit the bullseye with this unconventional brand ID, created for the tbs relaunch.

When our friends at tbs came to us with the opportunity to add to their growing library of disruptive, unexpected brand IDs, we got very excited… We’re always thrilled to be involved with the launch of a network’s new graphics package, especially when it involves out-of-the-box creative. With a blank slate and limitless possibilities, we developed two custom pieces inspired by the no rules attitude of the new TBS logo and brand.

We got a little trigger happy with a local Atlanta comedian, painting the nearby woods in tbs brand colors. We captured tons of footage on a tiny budget, which meant breaking out our iPhone 6s for some sexy slow-motion shots of all the action. We also did our research, creating and testing a safe, custom-built camera rig from Lexan (a clear material stronger than plexiglass) to give us a unique point-of-view of paintballs at the moment of impact. To finish this spot out, we worked “go watch TBS” subliminal messaging into a custom score.

We had to get the most out of making our talent wear only his underwear for several hours, ending up with enough footage to cut additional versions of the vignette for future uses.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
  • Creative
  • Production
  • Design
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